Friday, July 26, 2013

Another ultrasound

Well, I went to my latest ultrasound.  In my first trimester, I was super disappointed I didn't have an excuse to have an ultrasound more often.  Now, I'm wishing they would stop having me come in every two weeks for one. 

Apparently, everything still looks fine.  Baby is measuring somewhere around 3lbs9oz at this point.  (OMG! I didn't want the family curse of big babies.  Nooooooooooo...)  Anyway, she looks fine and they want me to come back in three weeks for another follow up.  Well, they said 2-3 weeks but I wanted to space out the ultrasounds a little so picked the furthest date they would give me.  Baby is also at this point in time still breech.  Don't know when or if she will flip but she has picked her spot and she doesn't appear to be giving it up anytime soon.  My bladder would appreciate it if she would move.

And their ultrasound pics still leave something to be desired although in their defense, my baby has apparently inherited my aversion to pictures and always has her hand up in front of her face.

Otherwise I'm doing good and finally managed to set up my registry.  I think I way overdid it but oh well at least it is done now.  Nursery isn't set up and since I won't get the furniture until my baby shower which isn't until Aug 31st, I have started to angst a little about not having the nursery progressing any.  Ugh! 

Time seems to be speeding up the closer I get.  I'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing.



  1. She is cute!

    And no such thing as overdoing your registry! Really. :)

  2. For my second pregnancy I had a registry. Only two people used it. Enjoy your pregnancy. Love the pictures.

  3. Sorry for my delayed response - I couldn't comment from my iPad - but I think these photos are great. A real glimpse at how your little one will look. Enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy