Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where is the time going??

It seems like it was only yesterday that I rushed to Hell-Mart to buy a double pack of Ans.wer pregnancy tests.  Now I look at my ticker and it says I only have 37 days to go.  Where did the rest of the time go?  It seems that time has been permanently set in the fast forward position and everything is just sort of a blur between then and now.   I don't feel nearly ready enough for baby but the day she makes her appearance gets closer and closer.

I finally have the nursery cleaned out and have the crib and dresser set up.  I haven't washed any of her clothes or bedding yet.  I should go ahead and do that even though I'm expecting more clothes just so I have some of them ready.  I still feel like I have way too much to do to get ready for her but at least I have some things done even if it feels like it is not nearly enough.  I'm not sure why I haven't been able to get excited about setting up the nursery. 

The closer it gets the more terrified I become of l&d.  Not the actual process but having to deal with hospitals and well meaning relatives.  I'm somewhat doctor phobic and just the thought of being in the hospital makes me whimper in fear.  I'm doing my best not to really think about it and hope that I'll somehow find some zen before that day gets here.  It also seems like I'm going to have to deal with a lot of relatives.  I wasn't expecting that.  Not only do I have to deal with my doctor phobia but I'll have to deal with too many relatives when I all want is to be left alone.  Ugh.  I guess I grateful they want to help and be a part of our lives but on the other hand, I'm already feeling over crowded and it hasn't even happened yet.  Where's that paper bag when I need it?

Oh well.. back to happy, happy denial land.  Anyway, had a routine ob appt yesterday.  Blood pressure is still good and baby's heart rate was in the 130s.  So we're both doing well.  Thankfully I'm still having a fairly easy pregnancy.  Could do without the round ligament pain but if that is the worst I have to deal with I will consider myself lucky.  I also have pretty much settled on what her name will be.  Strangely enough, just about the entire family (well the women at least don't know about the men) love the name.  I was expecting a little more resistance to the name. 

*going back to my half asleep stupor now*

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  1. Good luck with the last month. That's when it started to get real for me. I also had a hard time setting up the nursery and didn't finish it until she was several months old.