Monday, July 25, 2016

Deja vu in reverse?

Telling the family went exactly the opposite of the way it went the last time around. Last time I thought I knew who was going to be happy and who was going to be a debbie downer. Turned out, I had it backwards back then. This time around I went in more open minded about how everyone would respond. Partly to keep my disappointment low from bad reactions, partly because I hadn't given it much thought. Everyone reacted the exact opposite of how they responded last time. Those that were happy for me last time were now the naysayers this time around. The ones that were the naysayers last time around were the happiest for me. It's been a little surreal to be honest. In other news.... Sea Bands are the bomb. Anyone with morning sickness needs to get a pair to try because they do help. Alot. Now if I could get rid of this cough (and the exhaustion), I would be feeling pretty good. In other, other news.... I'm pretty sure my house is waging war against me. Ants, fleas, and mosquitos are all vying for dominance and it seems like none of the sprays are doing more than slowing them down slightly. Messed up the flooring from accidently overflowing some water containers. Don't have the money to replace it but can't seem to get anyone to help with removing it and doing a cheap temporary floor until I can save up money for a good floor. I don't want to sell my house. My credit is so low I would be shocked if I could get an apartment complex to rent to me nevermind trying to buy another home. I bought this house during the housing recession here. There has been a major turnaround in that area in the last couple of years and the same house is now 20-30 grand more expensive then what I originally paid and mortgage lenders are no longer letting lower credit scores slide by. I was extremely lucky to be able to get my house to begin with and I like living here so I don't want to sell but I seem to be having the worst luck lately with it and hard time convincing my brothers to come help with heavy lifting and maintenance details I can't handle alone. So we'll see where this goes. I might just have to ask my job for a loan and hire someone to come help. Oh well... I'm sure I'll figure something. Next apt isn't for another 2 weeks. I forgot how long the 1st trimester can feel with all this waiting. Edited because the spacing went weird and I tried to fix but no luck. Not sure what is up with the spacing issues today. Worked fine the other day, now it doesn't want to acknowledge paragraphs. Ugh.

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